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Question/Topic: How to print barcode labels for new records?

  1. Open Library database.
    Verify order of your library records (1) (should be entry order).
    Go to the last record in your database (2).
    Select the record you want to start printing from (3) (click on the record).
    library, print barcode labels for new books, new items
  2. Click Library Labels.
    Select predefined label template.
    Click OK.
    labels, predefined label templates
  3. In the From Record section click Current (the printing will start from the selected record).
    print library labels, select starting point
  4. Click Preview and review barcode labels.
    new barcode labels, preview window

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I printed barcode labels about a week ago for all of our library inventory. But since then, I have added more books to our inventory. How can I print barcodes of just the new library items I have added to our inventory?

I have now entered about 200 extra items on our data base. When I attempt to print the labels for the new items, the entire data base is printed. I would like to know how to print the labels for the new items only.

Is there a way to print barcode labels for just part of the books. I have added some to the inventory and just need labels for them. I realize I should have used the Working Items but I didn't know that at the time and just added them. I don't want to print them for the ones that already have labels. Can I have it start with a certain barcode number and only print from there. I am using the Small library version.

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