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Question/Topic: MARC records, convert marc machine file into text file (human readable form)

Our library software (starting from version 2.8) supports import from a MARC text file (human readable form). This file can be created with MarcEdit (by Terry Reese) or MARCBreaker (by Library of Congress) utilities.

  • download MarcEdit utility from the following page: download MarcEdit
  • install MarcEdit utility on your computer
  • start MarcEdit utility
  • click MARC Tools
  • select Input File (MARC file in a machine readable form)
  • enter/select Output file (text file in a human readable form)
  • click Execute

MarcEdit utility (by Terry Reese)

MARC Tools

Sample MARC file (machine readable)

Sample MARC file, text form (human readable), create with MarcEdit

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