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Does your library software offer simple-checking or self-checking?

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Check In/Check Out Simple Mode (Self-Checking Mode)

This feature is included in the Library solutions starting with version 2.1 (release date: March, 2009). You can upgrade your library solution: Library Upgrade.

All Library Organizer Pro solutions include separate Check In/Out module. Check In/Out module can operate in two modes:
Advanced: process multiple items in one transaction, process fines, process renewals, auto processing mode,..
Simple: process loans and returns in an easy way (for students, volunteers; supports self-checking)

Check In/Out Simple Mode how to set it up.

  • Start Library Pro software
  • Open main Library database
  • On the Search menu, click Process Loans
  • In the Process Loans window click Show Options (1)
  • Click Simple Mode (2)
  • Close windows and Library Software
  • Start Check In/Out Library Module
  • Check In/Out Library Module appears in a simple mode.

Library Process Loans window, set simple mode feature.
library Process Loans, set simple-checking

Library Simple-Checking/Self-Checking Module:
library self-checking, simple checking application

Simple-Checking(Self-Checking) mode supports:


  • type in or scan item id (barcode)
  • item title is displayed
  • click Return This Item to finalize the return transaction


  • type in or scan item id (barcode)
  • item title is displayed
  • type in or scan borrower id (barcode)
  • borrower name is displayed
  • click Loan This Item to finalize the loan transactions

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