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Question/Topic: Library toolbar search, non stop search?

  • On the toolbar click Search (1.).
  • Enter text.
  • Click Find (2.)

  • If the text is found the field with the text is highlighted.
  • To continue search click Next.

  • Non Stop Mode
  • Select the field to be searched (1.).
  • Input the text to search for (2).
  • Select Non Stop Mode option (3.).
  • Click Find.

  • The program goes through entire database looking for records that match search criteria. When the search is finished ONLY those records are displayed that contain the text (1.).
  • Note: the status of the filter button changes to Normal Filter (2.).

  • In order to return to All-Records-Display set the Filter Scope option to All Records (in the Filter dialog box), or select All Records in The Filter Button Popup Menu (1.).

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