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Question/Topic: Summary reports: total number of items, total price, total circulations per month, ...?

Summary: total number of items, items by type, total price:
  • Load Library main database.
  • On the Advanced menu click Summary.
  • Select TYPE in the Summary By box.
summary of library items by item type, total number of items, total price:

summary report in html form (browser):

Summary: total number of all circulations, monthly circulations, weekly circulation:
  • On the File menu click Load Database. Select Loan database and click Load.
  • On the Advanced menu click Summary.
  • Select LoanDate in the Summary By box.
monthly circulation:

weekly circulation:

monthly circulation, graph:

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I am currently in the middle of my year end report and was wondering if there was a way to print out a report of the number of circulations I have run through the system and the number of books currently held in the system. Doing this in separate reports is just fine. Or even just a screen that will tell me the number of circulation records and the number of total item records.

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