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Question/Topic: How to automatically generate unique id number for each record?

When creating a new record, I'd like to be able to automatically generate a unique ID number for each record: is it possible?

Organizer Pro supports Text Auto-incremental data field. Auto-incrementing data field automatically generates a unique number for you by using the previous value from the last record and adding number one. This field generates the value in the text form.

How to change "simple text" field type to "auto-incrementing text" field type?

  • Start Library Software and open Library database.
  • Click User tab (1), select any simple text field (2) (CUSTOM4).
  • Click with the right mouse button on the field label and select Rename command (3).
  • Enter your new name. Example: AUTO_ID (4).
  • Close Organizer Pro and start Designer.
  • Click on the Create/Modify Data Fields Layout button (5). Select Library database (6) and click OK.

  • Click User tab (7); double click on the AUTO_ID field to select it (8); click with the right mouse button on the AUTO_ID field and select Change Field Type command (9).
  • Click on the Text Auto-incrementing Field (10) and click OK (Data Entry Control Window). To save all changes click Save button (Field Layout Designer Window). Exit Designer.
  • Open Library Organizer Pro. Click on the User tab. Click with the right mouse button on the AUTO_ID field and select Options command (11).
  • Enter initial parameters: Start From (12) value (required), Text Before (13) (optional)....


  • If "Start From" = 1000 then the first new record or selected record in your database will have 1001 value, the next new or selected record will have 1002, and so on.
  • The above example shows how to modify CUSTOM4 data field. You can select and use any text field as a "automated, unique id" data field. You can also add new text field and use it the same way.

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