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Question/Topic: Adding museum inventory items.

1. Open Items database:

  • On the File menu, click Load Database. Select Items database and click Load
  • Click New Record button, enter Item Title (required), enter or select Creator, enter additional work information.

museum software, enter items


2. Museum Inventory (Items), details:

  • Click details tab to display or enter details data.

museum inventory, items database; enter details: item dimensions, location, condition, marks, and more:


3. Museum Inventory (Items) database, documents:

  • Click Doc. tab to display or enter documents.

link any document with the inventory item; link any file (MS Word, JPG, PDF, ...) with the item; double click on the File name to open it with the corresponding application

museum software, link electronic documents

click with the right mouse button on the document field to display popup menu, select Add Records to add new documents

3. Museum inventory database; value, purchase, and cost information:

  • Click financial tab to display or enter value, purchase, and expenses data.

item financial information; enter/display appraisal, insurance, value, item source, purchase price, and all expenses

museum software, track item expenses

4. Museum inventory database, images:

  • Click img1 or img2 tab to display/add image

item pictures; you can enter 2 images per item and display them in the program, you can enter unlimited number of images using document specialized data field (you can also display them using View tab)

4. Museum inventory database, view page:

  • Click View tab to display the selected record on the View page (browser/html display form)
  • Advanced user can modify the display format

view page; displays the selected record on one page, in the form of web page (html document)

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Related software (Read/Download) :
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