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Question/Topic: How to print from the current record?

  • Organizer Deluxe and Pro store records in the order they were added to the table.
  • Check if the Entry Order (1) is selected.
  • Go to the end of the table and select the record from which you would like to start printing (2).
Check the order of you records (1), select the current record (2):
print from the current record

  • Open Print Report or Print Label window.
  • Define your report or label options (or load a report/label template).
  • To start printing from the current record check Current (3) option.

Check Current in the From Record section:

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I have a question regarding collectables organizer deluxe, I'm printing labels and I wanted to know if I add more records in the future, is there any way to just print the new labels? Is there a way to sort according to date?

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