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How to print grouped reports, categorized reports?

How to create grouped report, categorized report?

Note: report sample based on the Small Library Software Pro database solution. How to print books grouped by book's author.

To create "a grouped report by a field":
- sort records by this field.
- in the Print Report Wizard select this field in the Group By box

  1. Start Organizer and open your library database.

  2. Sort records by book's AUTHOR data field. Click with the right mouse button on the Entry Order button (1), select Primary Sort Field (2), select AUTHOR (3).
    sort records by books author

  3. Click "Print/All Records/Print Standard Report" menu command, and display Print Report wizard.

  4. In the Print Report Wizard window select data fields (1) (select TITLE and CALL data fields). In the Included Field box select TITLE and verify the column Width (2).
    select data fields

  5. Click on the Group By box and select AUTHOR.
    select group by data field

  6. Click on the Options tab and select Report Options: print field names, fields in columns, print grid,.. (NOTE: in your report, when fields in columns option selected, remember to adjust column width, see step 4. The total width for the selected fields should not be larger than the page's width (some fields will not be displayed on the report)
    setup report layout, options

  7. Click on the Title tab and enter report title. "By Author (title, call number)"
    enter report title

  8. Click on the Preview button to review the report.
    grouped book report by books author


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