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Question/Topic: How to print photo directory (church photo directory, member director, employee directory)?

How to print photo directory? (church photo directory, member photo directory, employee directory,..)

Note: report sample based on the Church Directory Manager database solution.

  • Start Organizer and open your "ChurchDirectory" database.

  • Click "Print/All Records/Print Labels" menu command, and display Print Report wizard.
    print church photo directory sample

  • In the Print Report Wizard window select data fields. To select the field: click on the field in the All Field box and click on the Green Arrow button. To include the field in the same line click on the Plus button.
    select data field to be included in photo directory

  • Click on the Labels tab and click Specialized then select Directory,2x3.
    select directory layout, 2 columns, 3 rows

  • Click on the Body tab and modify margins. Enter: 0.15, 0.1
    define margines

  • Click on the Preview button to review the report.
    church photo directory, preview window

  • Are you satisfied with the directory page layout? Click on the Save button to save the layout to a template file. Use Load button to load the template.

  • There are other specialized photo or text directory layouts. Do you need a different layout? Please contact us: enter your directory layout requirements

  • Church Photo/Text Directory sample reports:
    text directory sample report

    photo directory sample report

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