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Question/Topic: How to give read only access to databases?

How to give read only access to some users?

How to give read only permission to some users?

  • Start Organizer.
  • On the main menu click Options.
  • Click Users tab (1), select Multi-User System (2), click User Accounts (3).

  • Click New in the User Accounts window.

  • Enter account Name (1).
  • Enter User ID (2).
  • In this sample password will not be required.
  • Select access rights (3).
  • Click OK.

  • New account is created.
  • Click Close.

  • Do not close Options window.
  • Click Security tab (1).
  • Define public access rights (2).
  • Click Close.

  • Start Organizer.
  • Now the program displays Login window.
  • To access main account enter: Supervisor.
  • To access a newly created account enter: public (or enter your login name)

  • New account is opened with a default database.
  • On the File menu click Load Database.

  • Select Public (1) to access databases from the main account.
  • Select database (2).
  • Click Load.

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Is there any way to make some peoples access read only - so that they can only see what is in stock, but not do any other activities? Or what is the best way to handle something like this?

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