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Question/Topic: How to customize PO Organizer Pro?

"We are interested in your Purchase Order Organizer.However, before we buy, I have a question. How would I set up the database so that I would record a `budget amount# by `project number# and then have the corresponding PO#s related to that project subtracted from the `budget amount#?"

Step 1

- rename field REFERNR to PROJECT
- click with left mouse button on REFERNR, select Rename.., enter PROJECT, click OK - this field will be used to link PurchaseOrders Database with a new Projects database

Step 2

- create new database: Projects
- database structure:

FieldName, FieldType, FieldLength
PROJECT, text, 80 characters
DATE, date,
MANAGER, text, 80 character
CUSTOM1, text, 80 character
CUSTOM2, text, 80 character
BUDGET, numeric
AMOUNTSP, numeric
NOTE memo
EXPTABLE, text, character 1 (specilized data field will display values from PO database)

- close Organizer Pro, open Designer, click Create New Database
- click New Field, enter field name, select field type, enter field length, click OK, repeat this with all fields - you should have the following:

- click Save and enter Projects into Database Name box
- the Field Layout Designer window is opened - you will have to define the following data entry control types:
- just click on the check box in front of the field name and then select the control type that is listed below (note: before you select the last field EXPTABLE click on the Add Page, this fied should be displayed on the separate data page)

DATE n/a
MANAGER Drop-Down List
CUSTOM1 Simple
CUSTOM2 Drop-Down List
BUDGET Numeric
AMOUNTLEFT Calculated, enter formula: @5-@6
EXPTABLE Master-Detail Update Field

- if you did right your should have the following data field on the first page:

- click Add Page, click check box in front of EXPTABLE field

- EXPTABLE field is a specialized field, when you select Master-Detail Update Field, you will have to define some parameters: Detail Database, Master Link Field, Detail Link Field, Total Source Field, Total Target Field. Just select the values that are displayed in the following window:

- click Save to save the field layout and field definition files

Step 3

- redefine field in the PO database - open Designer, click Create/Modify Data Fields Layout, select PurchaseOrders database
- click with right mouse button on the PROJECT field, select Change Field Type

- select Master LookUp Field

- select Projects database and PROJECT data field

- click Save

Step 4

- close Designer, start Organizer Pro - open Projects database

- Projects database with sample records:

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