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Question/Topic: How to select a group of consecutive records?

How to assign consecutive numbers to library records?
How to print labels for a group of records?

  • Click User Tab.
  • Decide which field to use to enter a number in a text form (example: CUSTOM3).

  • On the Search menu click Replace.
  • Select CUSTOM3 data field in the Field To Be Replaced box (1.).
  • Select Auto-Increment in the Replace Mode section (2.).
  • Enter 10000 in the Start From box (3.). (if you have more records than 10000 enter 100000)
  • Select First Record (4.).

  • Review assigned values.

  • On the Advanced menu click Filter.
  • Select CUSTOM3 data field.
  • Define filter.

  • For example to display records 10067 - 10086, enter:

  • Only records that with CUSTOM3 = 10067 .. 10086 are displayed.
  • Process selected records (print labels, print report, ...).

  • How to return to all records display?
  • Click with the right mouse button on the Normal Filter.
  • Select All Records command to display all records.

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