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Question/Topic: How to move the web search results to your database (field mapping)?

Field Mapping

  • Field mapping is defined in the Data Field Mapping text box. To review field mapping click Field Mapping tab. You are allowed to modify field mapping.
  • Mapping syntax:
    [field name from the script]=>{field name in the database}
  • To avoid typing mistakes click with the right mouse button on the field mapping box to display popup menu and select script fields, data fields, or operators.
  • [$] Means a new line
    YourText: + new line + value of FoundField is assigned to FieldName
  • It is possible to combine text and more than one variable:
  • It is possible to append to a field (it makes sense only when Updating Records):
  • Use [^] in the mapping rules to include the site name
  • Click Save to save a new mapping to a file. Click Load to load a previously saved mapping file.

Add records from the Internet, Datata Field Mapping:

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