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Help, how to topics > Options > How to edit list boxes?

  • Click Options/Maintenance to access Dropdown Lists function.

  • There are several data fields that have a dropdown list data entry control.
    Check mark in the front of the text field defines dropdown lists.
  • Click CATEGORY.
  • All items are listed in the Dropdown List Items box.
  • Place cursor inside the box, delete entries with errors and items that are not used, add new items, one per line. Click Save Items.

  • Dropdown lists are saved in text files. Open the selected text file in the Notepad and add or delete items.
  • Select the following folder:
    C:/handy_lib/data/db (1)
  • Sort all files by Type (2)
  • go to file section with files: library_3.txt, library_5.txt, ...

    library_3.txt: TYPE dropdown box
    library_5.txt: PUBLISHER dropdown box
    library_7.txt: PLACE dropdown box
    library_8.txt: SERIES dropdown box
    library_10.txt: CATEGORY dropdown box
    library_11.txt: LEVEL dropdown box
    library_12.txt: FORMAT dropdown box
    library_22.txt: SUBJECT1 dropdown box
    library_23.txt: SUBJECT2 dropdown box
    library_24.txt: SUBJECT3 dropdown box

How do I change a text field to a drop down field and vice versa?
How do I change a text field to a date field with a date picker which would include the day?
Handy Library does not allow to do that.
How do I move the position of field?
You can customize data display form. You can hide fields.
Can I delete a field?
You can hide fields.
Can I add a new field?
You cannot add new data fields.

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