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How to create a new kit.

  • Click Add Kit.

  • Enter kit name, kit barcode number, kit notes. There are three extra data fields, you decide how to use them.
  • KIT_BARCODE: if your kit already has a barcode label, enter or scan it into the field. If you leave the field empty the program will create a unique barcode value.
  • Click OK to save.

Question: We have some library book bags that we are going to check out to members that we want to track. I'm not sure how to enter them. They won't have a bar code just a number. Do I just enter them as a book title ... Bag 1, Bag 2, etc. and then assign them a Category BAG? Is there some other strategy you would recommend or does that sound like it makes sense?

Answer: Create a bag (bag 1, bag 2) and then add books.

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