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How to use library advanced search, in this topic you will learn :

  • how to access copy related data fields when defining the search condition
  • how to use SQL functions in the search definition (current date)
  • how to save the search for future use
  • Click Display Each Copy (1) to switch to All Library Materials display mode. In addition to the title, author, ISBN number, each bibliographic record also contains information about each copy of the item (for example: barcode number, call number, price, entry date).

  • Advanced Search (1) gives access to copy related data fields (for example: barcode, call number, date added, cost, acquisition date, loan status).

  • Select DATE_ADDED (1) in the Field box.
  • Select Is Equal To (2) in the Condition box.
  • Select any date (3) in the Value box.
  • Click Include (4).
  • Search condition is displayed in the Search Conditions box (5).

  • Delete the date "09/10/2016" and enter CURRENT_DATE. CURRENT_DATE is the SQL function that returns the current date value. This search will display library materials created today.
  • The content of the Search Condition box:

  • Click Search (1).
  • Review results (2). New library items, added today, will be displayed.
  • Click Save (3) to save the search (query definition) for future use. Handy Library Catalogue lets you to save the most often used queries for future use.

new library items
  • Enter search name (Items Added Today) (1) into the Filter Name box.
  • Click Save (2).

library materials added today
  • Click View to display all predefined searches. The new search definition (query) is listed in the View box. Select Items Added Today (1)
  • Use this view in the following situations:
    - print barcode labels for library materials that were added today
    - print spine labels for library materials that were added today
    - print inventory list report for library items that were added today
    - use this view to create a new view
    (Yesterdays items will be defined as:

I am trying to print labels for new entries to our library database. Can I select a group of new books and print the labels on a single page?

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