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This topic explains:

  • gives access to ready-to-use custom views
  • includes short explanation about the view

Custom Views, ready-to-use:

  • Review the list.
  • Copy the text from the box. Paste the text into the Custom View Definition box. Click Display to test the custom view. Click Save View to save for future use. (How to save a new custom view?)

Items Never Loaned Out

Items never loaned out: this view displays the list of items from your library that were never loaned out.

Number of Loans By Year_Month

Your library has loan transactions processed over several years. You would like to see the number of circulations by month together with the year (example "2018 / 01").

Explanation: the SQL query extracts month number from the loan date (January will be 1), to have results in order the month number is converted to 01.

library circulation transactions by month plus year, sql query

Library Replace Cost Of Not Returned Items

What is the cost of the not returned library items? How to list the not returned library items together with the replace cost?

library replace cost of not returned items, sql query
library replace cost of not returned items, report

Question: I am specifically looking to find out which books aren't being checked out so I can weed out the collection. I don't have room for all of the books I have right now.

I am the new librarian and have not been shown how to run a report to show which books have a low circulation rate.

Answer: Please review and use custom SQL queries, use feedback form to suggest new library views, reports, or data summaries.

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