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Handy Library Manager  for Windows

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  1. Library general Options : default library, font type, panel width, start screen, page size.
  2. Maintenance : backup/restore folders, field names, dropdown lists.
    - Change Field Names : change field names in library databases.
    - Modify Add/Edit forms : add/edit item, copy, and borrower forms.
  3. Check In, Check Out : Check In/Out: receipt heading, auto check in/out, barcode scanning mode, check out notes, additional fields, display/record extra fields, check in/out utility.
  4. Loan Options : default due date period, maximum items, reservation period, define check in/out rules.
  5. Fine Options : set fines, future fines, define default fines, define fine rules.
  6. Email Library Options : set mail server parameters, edit email/print notification messages.
  7. Users Options : set passwords.
  8. Modules : activate ad-ons.
  9. Cover Images: define cover image settings.

Library backup, restore, maintenance topics:

Backup, Restore, Maintenance

- How to backup library databases?

- How to restore library databases from a backup file?

Customize check out receipt: how to print customized check out transaction receipt?

Handy Library Manager

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