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Prison Book Libraries use our Handy Library Manager

You only need PC with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, or Windows Server to manage your correctional institution library.

Review purchase options for your library:

Option 1 (low cost): $353.00-$412.95, on the ordering page select:

  • Handy Library Manager ($345)
  • 1 PC License
  • CDROM Delivery or Download
  • No Support
  • 1 Year Support ($59.95)

Option 2 (best): $553.00-$612.95, on the ordering page select:

  • Handy Library Manager ($345)
  • Non-pofit License ($200), (unlimited one location license, includes network license, unlimited users).
  • CDROM Delivery or Download
  • No Support
  • 1 Year Support ($59.95)

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Please review the following questions and answers from correctional institution libraries:

Question: The software will be installed in a prison and there is controlled Internet access. We need a library system that is working without the web access.

Our software requires only a desktop computer with Windows or Windows Server operating system to support all book and borrower management features.

Question: We are a prison library using our own barcode identification for our book inventory and the publisher's barcode. We are doing all data entry manually. Could we implement our barcode identification numbers?

Manual data entry is supported. Custom bar code values are supported.

Question: Our correctional institution has limited funds. Do you offer discounts for your library system?

There is very affordable non-profit license. Unlimited use and installation costs only $200 extra. With the purchase of the library system you receive free license for our Handy Equipment-Tool Manager for Windows.

Question: Do you accept purchase orders for your library system? We are not allowed to make orders on the web, is it possible to send you a check?

Yes, we accept purchase orders and payments by checks or bank transfers.

Question: Data entry forms and views offer too much data. There are many fields that we don't need, since we are a prison library. For example we don't use city, state, zip code, email, etc. Can I simplify book and borrower information?

You can customize data entry forms, how to modify entry forms for prison reading or other materials. Data display panels offer information in the form of html documents that support high customization flexibility.

Question: In our correctional facility we don't want everyone to have access to the main library application. Could we set a password access or define security levels?

You can set login names and password to all modules: main application, search (OPAC), check in/out, or data entry modules. Please review set your library options.

Our inmates have a library that houses approximately 8000 books. Our state has tried several open-source library database programs in the past, but they have been cumbersome, buggy, and easily broken, ... read the whole review.

Q: While I don't currently have a digital catalog, other facilities across my state (there are approximately 35) have been using Spectrum Winnebago which is now obsolete. Would you happen to know if records from Spectrum Winnebago can be migrated to your system?
A: I found in the old pdf manual for Spectrum Winnebago, there is Export feature. You can use Handy Library Manager import.

Q: I'm interested in purchasing your software for my correctional facility library.
Due to being in an institutional setting, I'll be setting up a standalone network (no internet) for inmate use. I expect I will have to catalogue all my books manually, but I was wonder if there is any possibility that I would be able to download records to my internet connected computer and transfer them via flash drive to the server unit on the standalone network.
A: Yes you can use a computer with the Internet connection to auto-catalogue. Run Backup, move backup file to your jail library computer, and use Restore.

Q: Can you recommend a simple library control database that is NOT web-based and can be installed by cd and NOT downloaded?
Q: I need a system that can be installed entirely from a disc. This is for a jail library and there is NO internet. Will this work for us?
Q: Can I run this program with no internet connection? If I purchase the Handy Library Manager, is it web based or a program I purchase one time and I can operate it without internet?
A: Handy Library Manager works without the Internet connection.

Q: Looking to get a new system. Our library is in a correctional institutional and the library does not have internet.
1. Can we use our current book numbering system in your system? We have existing bar codes on about 2,000 books and do not rely on the ISBN.
Yes, you can use. How to import your prison library into out system?
2. Can you generate a bar code form the users numeric ID? If you can, could you print a user report that has the user name, bar code and outstanding books on the same report?
A: It's supported, please review manage loans.

Question: I am working with a small prison resource center. We have downloaded the free trial and are finishing up testing it's compatibility with our needs. We have very much enjoyed the ease of access that Handy Library Manager provides. Is it possible to transfer information from our office computer to the prison library computer?
Answer: Data transfer from one computer to another is very simple, use backup and restore procedures..

Question: I am very interested in purchasing Handy Library Manager. We are a correctional institution. We would like to use the network version with multi-users. We will have 2 users entering data on the network at one time, we want to give unlimited access to check in/out and search modules for all inmates. We would like to include 1 year of Tech support. Can you tell me what this would cost?
Answer: Please use second purchase option ($604.95), it includes unlimited network license for one prison. It supports multiple user access to the library main program and all library modules.

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