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Feb.,06,1998 What's New in Organizers 3.0:

The first thing you should know is that beginning with version 3.0 our Organizer will be 32-bit only (you can still purchase the 16-bit versions 2.1).

Here are some of the new features:
  • improved user interface;
  • ability to put Organizers on a Taskbar Icon Tray;
  • greatly improved graphical fields now support most popular graphic formats like GIF, JPEG, and PNG;
  • graphical fields also support TWAIN-compliant devices such as scanners and digital cammeras (currently the hottest hardware items on the market); for example, you can scan in images directly into the graphical field - just click on Scan;
  • new version 4.51 of Borland Database Engine makes new Organizers faster and more reliable than ever before;
  • a new HTML Report Wizzard will allow you to create fancy HTML Pages and view them in your Web browser - it takes just a few mouse-clicks; you could put your entire database on the Web within minutes; even if you don't need to publish on the Web the HTML Report Wizzard can be a useful tool: a supplement to the reporting functions;
  • a new Table View can be useful in some situations; for example, it may be faster to enter data into consecutive records if you are modifying only one data field;
  • other small improvements;

    We had to increase the price of our new Organizers by $10 US.
    We believe that this small price increase is fully justified by the above new features. Our Organizers, despite being the most complete and flexible tools in the small database market are still less expensive than most competing products.

    By purchasing our software you can be assured that your money is well spent:
  • we will continue to invest in the best and most up-to-date technologies;
  • we will continue to offer discounts to our registered users;
  • we will continue to provide inexpensive upgrade paths for users who want to upgrade from older versions of our software;
  • we will try to maintain (whenever possible) compatibility in the database formats so that you can easily transfer your data from older versions of our software;
  • we will continue to provide top-quality technical support;

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