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Feb.,06,1998 Technologies underlying Organizers 3.0 and DB-HTML Converter Pro:
  • we are using the best Windows development tool on the market - Delphi 3.0; this allows us to create better software faster;
  • for database functionality our software uses a powerful and mature Borland Database Engine; the latest BDE 4.51 is faster and more reliable than ever before; BDE also allows multi-user database access, so our Organizers can be used on networks;
  • greatly improved graphical fields now support most popular graphic formats like GIF, JPEG, and PNG;
  • graphical fields also support TWAIN-complaint devices such as scanners and digital cammeras (currently the hottest hardware items on the market); for example, you can scan in images directly into the graphical field - just click on Scan;
  • our new Organizers are more Internet-connected than ever before; for example, a new HTML Report Wizzard will allow you to create fancy HTML Pages and view them in your Web browser - it takes just a few mouse-clicks; you could put your entire database on the Web within minutes;

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