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Search Utility (OPAC), ($45, multi-user licenses)

Library Search Utility allows students, teachers, school employees search Textbook inventories without launching main software. Your Textbook inventory and transaction databases are protected from unwanted modifications or deletions: Features:

  • Search by selected field or search all fields
  • Display, browse all items from the stockroom inventory database
  • Sort results by item title, category, quantity on hand, ..
  • Display item details
  • Print result list, print item details
  • Install Search Utility over the network
  • No limit on the number of users that can use it

dataBase Browser/Viewer

Our software comes with a free Organizer dataBase Browser (free offer will end soon). Organizer dB Browser is a web-based application that enables you to share your databases over the Internet or Intranet. Organizer dB Browser supports:

  • Access/View/Browse all or selected databases created with our Stockroom Software.
  • Access/View/Browse all or selected database fields.
  • Search databases.
  • How to install how to configure dataBase Browser/Viewer (sample is based on our Library Organizer Pro solution) dB Browser FAQ .

Database Designer, free

Database Designer supports modification and customization of database templates included in our software solution. Designer supports creation of new databases. Designer supports extension of your database system with database templates from our Solution Center. Example: download and use:

  • We offer over 100 database templates (solutions for small businesses, schools, corporations, and private users) that can be used right away with Stockroom Pro (no additional payment required).
  • Database Templates ..

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