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    The Cupcake Cafe Cookbook

    Warren, Ann
    Warren, Michael
    Lilly, Joan
    Cupcake Cafe

    Published: September 1998
    ISBN: 0385483392

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    Book Description
    The Cupcake Café Cookbook is a gem for everyone who loves doughnuts, originally decorated cakes, or off-beat New York City eateries. The actual café is a funky daytime oasis in the still-iffy neighborhood once known as Hell's Kitchen. Ann Warren and her husband, Michael, started the café as a bakery in 1988. They now serve food, too, but their fame comes from the breakfast baked goods and Warren's strikingly creative butter cream-frosted cakes and cupcakes.

    You have to smile at Warren suggesting her doughnuts are health food because they're made from scratch with natural ingredients and eaten without butter or cream cheese. You will certainly enjoy every recipe for them and all of the muffins, scones and sticky buns, too. Warren's use of butter cream for decorating cakes with cascades of colorful flowers and other original designs is so magical that even Madonna and Mick Jagger have ordered from her. If you have an ounce of manual dexterity, Warren's detailed guidance on cake decorating will send you into orbit. Photos showing how to make the flower-encrusted cakes for which Cupcake Café is famous also a help. --Dana Jacobi

    From Publishers Weekly
    Warren, who owns the funky Cupcake Cafe in New York City with her husband Michael, presents an array of goods that have made the bakery a reported favorite of such high-profile sweet tooths as Madonna and Mick Jagger. Some are confections not usually made at home. Recipes for three yeast and five cake doughnuts include even Jelly Doughnuts, filled with a pastry tube. There is a wide selection of muffins, Sticky Buns, Brownies and Fruitcake. Eight pies range from a sturdy Apple to a spicy... read more

    Book Description
    A uniquely idiosyncratic New York establishment, The Cupcake Café is a cozy mecca for lovers of all kinds of delicious homemade baked goods, including muffins, scones, coffee cakes, waffles, pies, sticky buns, and doughnuts. But it is best known for its fanciful cakes and cupcakes, elaborately decorated with homemade butter cream frosting. From many-tiered wedding cakes to tiny cupcakes covered in fresh fields of flowers, to sheet cakes embellished in vivid colors with virtually any scene you can describe or imagine, The Cupcake Café's baked goods are renowned for tasting even better than they look.

    In The Cupcake Café Cookbook, Ann Warren shares all her secrets, teaching the home cook not only how to bake all of the Café's ambrosial products, but also how to decorate with butter cream in her own wildly fanciful style. Photographs in color and black-and-white, as well as detailed instructions for mixing colors, shaping flowers, and creating balance, bring even the most elaborate decorating techniques well within the ability of any home baker.

    Writing not only with incomparable expertise, but also with the irreverence and wit that characterize everything she does, Ann Warren has re-created the entire unique Cupcake Café experience in book form.

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