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    Cooking Books -> Cheese

    Cheeses of the World

    Nantet, Bernard (Editor)
    Rance, Patrick
    Botkine, Francoise
    Dieterlen, Jean-Pierre (Editor)

    Published: March 2002
    ISBN: 0847815994

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    Book Description
    Reader beware: the photographs in Cheeses of the World are so gorgeous, you might be tempted to eat the page. If, however, you and the book survive that first delirious onslaught of full color Camemberts, Bries and Parmesans, there's plenty of food for thought to keep you entertained (if slightly hungry). Here is the complete history of some two hundred cheeses from thirty-seven different countries. Starting with antiquity, the book explores the evolution of cheese, how it developed and diversified, and how it is made--both the traditional and industrial methods of production.

    Sections describe the history of cheese, the rules governing its production in the modern world, and how it's classified. Cheeses of the World then divides its remaining chapters into regions: Northern Europe, France, Central Europe, Lands of the Sun, and New Worlds. Each section discusses the particular cheeses native to that area, amply illustrated with photographs, reproductions, and drawings. This is the book for cheese lovers.

    From Booklist
    Nantet and his collaborators, ably assisted by photographer Jean-Pierre Dieterlen, produce a paean to, purportedly, the world's different cheeses; but really they concentrate on Old World cheese history, manufacturing techniques, and classifications. Though some bias exists (most notably about the protection of European agriculture), the majority of the text straightforwardly describes over 700 cheeses in 37 different countries, each entry including an overture about the cheese's specific... read more

    Book Description
    This book, with its rich array of full color illustrations provides detailed portraits of some two hundred of the most famous cheeses from thirty seven countries, illustrating and describing each according to type, production method, and appearance. It also takes the reader on a journey that explores, from antiquity until today, how the varieties of cheese developed and diversified.

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