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    Olives, Anchovies, and Capers: The Secret Ingredients of the Mediterranean Table

    Brennan, Georgeanne
    Beisch, Leigh (Photographer)
    Brennan, Georganne

    Chronicle Books
    ISBN: 0811824942

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    Book Description
    What gives Mediterranean food its characteristic savor? Olives, anchovies, and capers, asserts Georgeanne Brennan, whose eponymous book explores these fundamental ingredients as "secret" dish enhancers. Add chopped green olives to dishes like Almond Couscous with Carrot and Cumin Chicken, for example, and the subtle sweetness of the dish is delightfully complemented; anchovies do similar wonders in a potato salad with tuna; and capers add depth and nuance to a lamb stew with tomatoes and sweet peppers. The book explores the unique power of these humble ingredients, providing over 50 simple recipes that utilize the title ingredients to add flavor, or that feature them in delightful ways. Cooks at all skill levels should find the book a welcome key to a much-beloved culinary repertoire.

    Beginning with short essays that explore the characteristics of olives, anchovies, and capers, and also providing instructions for home-curing (you may never put up olives or anchovies, but it's fascinating to know how it's done), the book then offers recipes in chapters devoted to appetizers and salads; main dishes and spreads; sauces and breads. There are many treasures, including Penne Salad with Three Herbs, Capers, and Tuna; Omelet of Tomatoes and Black Olives with Gorgonzola; and Roast Chicken with Mustard Anchovy Crust. Small in size, but not in the wealth of its information or fine taste, and illustrated with color photos throughout, Olives, Anchovies, and Capers brings the flavors of the Mediterranean home in new and exciting ways. --Arthur Boehm

    From Publishers Weekly
    Winner of the Julia Child Award for Aperitif and the James Beard Award for The Food and Flavors of Haute Provence, Brennan focuses her fourth book for Chronicle on "this pungent pantry trio." She explains how the colors of olives vary with their picking time, how the anchovy is caught at night ("by lamplight") and how capers, "a heat-loving, drought tolerant shrub," should be rinsed of packing salts before using. But the bulk of the book, and of the many full-page color photos (carefully... read more

    Book Description
    No one knows just what makes the Mediterranean shores so white, the sun so golden, or the sea so blue. But thanks to award-winning author Georgeanne Brennan, we now know what makes the cuisine so delicious. Olives, anchovies, and capers are the secret ingredients behind the magical flavors of the Mediterranean. Toss a few tangy olives and capers, or a savory anchovy or two into these over 50 dazzling recipes and instantly capture the fresh, sun-drenched flavors of Italy, France, Greece, Tunisia, and Morocco. Enhanced by vibrant color photography, Brennan reveals the basic techniques for salting, brining, curing, and seasoning these delicacies and also explores their history and common uses. Bring the Mediterranean home with these simple, flavorful accents and add intensity and depth--with minimum effort--to any dish.

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