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    Clayton, Bernard

    Simon & Schuster
    Published: September 1, 1995
    ISBN: 068481174X

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    Book Description
    In the 1970s, Bernard Clayton's The Complete Book of Breads became the bible for bread bakers everywhere. In the years since its publication, however, new equipment such as dough-mixing attachments and food processors, and new products such as fast-acting yeast and specialty bread flour, have revolutionized the kitchen. A new era requires a new book, and Bernard Clayton has obliged with his New Complete Book of Breads. Here you'll find 200 of Clayton's original recipes from his earlier book, all revised with modern equipment and products in mind. In addition, Clayton includes 100 new recipes gathered during the course of his research and travels as well as his interactions with friends and readers. Whether you're hungry for breads, rolls, muffins, popovers, seasonal favorites, or exotic delights destined to become favorites, you'll find them all in the New Complete Book of Breads.

    Marion Cunningham If you have an oven you must have this book. Bernard Clayton is a master baker.

    Book Description

    In the twenty years since the publication of The Complete Book of Breads new equipment and products have revolutionized the kitchen. With a food processor, or a heavy-duty mixer equipped with a dough hook, a home-baked loaf can be produced in a fraction of the time previously required, and with little effort as well. The easy availability of fast-acting yeasts, bread flora, and other specialty products has also broadened the possibilities.

    These changes were part of the inspiration for the much-needed New Camplete Book of Breads; 200 of the recipes from the original book appear here, all revised with the modern cook, modern equipment, and marvelous products in mind. Beyond the updated recipes, master baker Bernard Clayton also includes 100 new recipes, which are the result of ongoing research, further travels, and the generosity of fans and friends. For each recipe, Clayton also gives instructions for using either the mixer or the food processor and takes into account the shorter time needed for fast-acting yeasts.

    The New Complete Book of Breads offers an incredible range of variety, nearly, enough to supply a different kind of bread for a year of baking days. Here are wheat breads -- Honey-Lemon, Walnut, Buttermilk; a variety of sourdough breads; all manner of corn breads; breads flavored with herbs and spices or enriched with cheeses; and all the favorite "little" breads -- Kaiser Rolls, Mother's Biscuits, English Muffins, and Popovers. For the baker who observes the seasons and the holidays with a fresh loaf, there are Challah, Barm Brack, and Panettone; there are also delectable breads rich with nuts and fruits, such as Cherry-Pecan, Italian Olive, and Honey-Pineapple.

    Here is the ultimate bread book, an indispensable reference for professional bakers and home cooks alike.

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