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    You Don't Need Meat

    Cox, Peter

    Thomas Dunne Books
    Published: June 2002
    ISBN: 031227761X

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    Book Description
    From Booklist
    A leading partisan of vegetarianism in Britain, Peter Cox brings his crusade across the Atlantic to invite more Americans to eschew meat in their diet. Britain has suffered from the presence of mad cow disease, and Cox uses some of the fears generated there to encourage Americans not to eat American beef. He avoids what he finds pointless bickering over the values of dairy and egg consumption. Cox's defense of vegetarianism rests largely on health and nutritional issues, but he uses plenty of anthropomorphic imagery to discourage eating animals. He cites low rates of heart disease among Seventh-Day Adventists as empirical evidence for the better health of those who refuse to eat meat. Cox's insistence on using himself as an example of vegetarianism's advantages and his constant use of the first person draws more attention to himself than to his subject and weakens the persuasiveness of his position. A few recipes illustrate general principles of vegetarian cooking. Mark Knoblauch
    Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

    "This excellent book will kindle doubts in those still regularly eating animals."
    - Peter D. Wood, D.Sc., Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Stanford University
    --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

    Book Description
    You Don't Need Meat was first published in the United Kingdom, where it quickly became a runaway Number 1 bestseller. Written with a charming mixture of science, humor, and ethics, this completely revised and updated edition will give you all the facts you need about the meat you eat---both from a humane perspective and as a basis for getting and maintaining a healthy body.

    You Don't Need Meat dishes the dirt on some nasty news, including

    --Everything They Don't Want You to Know---"They" being the agribusinesses, corporate fast-food chains, advertisers, lobbyists for the meat industry, and other players in the vastly profitable meat market that the media peddles to us and our children night and day.

    --Apocalypse Cow---How Mad Cow Disease, and the lies that have swirled around government efforts to conceal the facts from the public, has endangered our food supply worldwide.

    --Health Risks---What scientists don't know can hurt you---for example, are we really so sure that bovine leukemia can't cross the species barrier?

    These and many other under-publicized and controversial questions are addressed here head-on in a style that is refreshingly cheerful and entertaining. Peter Cox gives us all a great deal of vital food for thought.

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