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    Eat Like a Wild Man: 110 Years of Great Sports Afield Recipes

    Gray, Rebecca (Editor)
    Grey, Rebecca

    Willow Creek Press
    Published: August 1997
    ISBN: 1572230886

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    Book Description
    From Booklist
    For more than a century, the magazine Sports Afield has provided hunters with ways to consume their kill. Editor Gray has compiled these recipes into a single, comprehensive volume to inspire a cook confronted with a carcass from the latest woodland foray. Recipes go beyond bear pot roast and squirrel stew to include fusion cuisine items, such as stir-fried rabbit with bamboo shoots. Pheasant Souvaroff with its truffles ascends into haute cuisine. Gray includes plenty of preparations for trout, salmon, and other game fish. Sidebars offer historical insights and advice on aging and tenderizing meats for maximum tastiness. Some recipes, such as the procedure for removing a deer's brain, will appall the squeamish. A supplement briefly treats wild vegetables with variations on dandelion green salads. Since the new edition of The Joy of Cooking intends to cut back its game recipes, libraries may find it useful to supplement that revision with this volume. Mark Knoblauch

    Book Description
    From a collection of some of the wildest, most delicious wild game and fish recipes that Sports Afield magazine has published over the last 110 years, lifelong food connossieur and cookbook author, Gray selected and infused a collection of wonderful-tasting old standards with her own culinary wizardry, and provided meticulous instruction on the best methods for cooking fish and game, redefining how to "eat like a wild man."

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