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    The Complete Meat Cookbook: A Juicy and Authoritative Guide to Selecting, Seasoning and Cooking Today's Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal

    Aidells, Bruce
    Kelly, Denis

    Houghton Mifflin Co
    Published: November 5, 1998
    ISBN: 0395904927

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    Book Description
    "Frankly, we love meat." Thus spake Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly, their first words in The Complete Meat Cookbook. "This book," these well-informed authors tell us, "is written for those who share this carnivorous inclination." As the authors of Hot Links and Country Flavors, Real Beer and Good Eats, and Flying Sausages, these guys know meat. And their mission in life is to share what they know. With gusto.

    The divisions are obvious: beef, pork, lamb, veal. But packed into each chapter is more information than any single reader might think possible. There's history and anthropology; there's anatomy and kitchen chemistry. And all of it is aimed at what the authors call the "new meat." It's a leaner product--less fat than ever before. So to get the succulence and the flavor that resides in memory (coming from a time of fattier cuts) sliced and onto the plate, today's cook has to use a different, more informed approach. You will find that guidance in this book. How to select and buy, how to prep, how to intensify the flavor, how to cook, how to store: it's all here. There is no other book like it.

    Heavily illustrated, The Complete Meat Cookbook opens with a section on meat basics, including a little meat eating history and a terrific doneness chart. Then there's a long section covering all the basic cooking techniques and which cuts of which meat work best with each technique. Once the book breaks out into sections by kind of meat--beef, pork, lamb, veal--the depth of information focuses and intensifies, and the recipes roll right along for more than 600 pages.

    Myth busting (like, don't salt meat before cooking, it will dry it out: wrong) is highlighted throughout the book. And each recipe is labeled for ease, speed, budget consciousness, serve to company, etc. The recipes take into account the world of meat eating. This is no Eurocentric text--it is, as the title proclaims, complete. If you are going to eat meat, do it right. This is the book to show you how. No cookbook bookshelf is complete without a copy of The Complete Meat Cookbook. --Schuyler Ingle

    From Publishers Weekly
    The leaner cuts of meat now on the market require extra attention to ensure they don't toughen and dry during preparation, and with that in mind Aidells?owner of Aidells Sausage Company?and Kelly (both coauthored Hot Links & Country Flavors and Flying Sausages) offer more than 230 recipes certain to attract meat-fanciers. They address how to buy meat, flavor it and cook it; specify the temperatures at which various meats should be cooked; and advise using a digital instant-read thermometer to... read more

    Book Description
    America is proudly falling in love again--with meat. Whether it's a grilled beefsteak, a succulent lamb chop, a juicy pork loin, or a well-seasoned veal shank, there's nothing like red meat. We're eating it with gusto--about twenty pounds more than we did a decade ago, according to the New York Times. In the past few years, more than one thousand new steak houses have opened. And because today's cuts are leaner than ever, they need special treatment and cooking techniques to make them flavorful, tender, and juicy.

    Now two colorful collaborators and Julia Child Award winners tell us everything we need to know about cooking meat. In The Complete Meat Cookbook, readers will find:

    --Straight talk on how to make sense of the bewildering variety of meats at the supermarket. The authors discuss their favorite cuts and provide tips on which butchers' favorites to request.

    --Advice on how to season with innovative techniques like dry rubs, wet marinades, brining, herb pastes, and fast sauces.

    --More than 230 recipes, ranging from the eclectic to the ethnic, such as Gordon's Grilled Rib-Eye Steak with Tomato-Chile Vinaigrette, Tuscan Herb-Infused Roast, and Chili Colorado.

    --Many entertaining stories--and tips that will surprise even meat experts.

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