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    Professional Charcuterie : Sausage Making, Curing, Terrines, and Pâtés

    Kinsella, John
    Harvey, David T.

    John Wiley & Sons
    ISBN: 0471122378

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    Book Description
    The publisher, John Wiley & Sons
    Based on three years of research this exceptional culinary book explores the art and practice of fine charcuterie. A master chef and his apprentice/coauthor present over 200 well-honed recipes for sausages, smoked meats, and cured and smoked fish. Covers basic techniques, equipment, sanitation, and safety. Includes curing solutions and smoking instructions as well as recipes and guidelines for healthier products using fat-free oils and dry curing.

    Back Cover Copy
    The complete, contemporary guide to preparing sausages, cured and smoked meats, pâtés and terrines, and cured and smoked fish of the highest quality

    Centuries of skill and imagination have earned charcuterie a revered place in the world of gastronomy, and Professional Charcuterie honors that proud tradition. This working manual and treasury of recipes covers the selection and assembly of ingredients, the most effective use of equipment, and the indispensable basics of food safety.... read more

    Book Description
    The newcomer's guide to an old culinary practice revisited for the '90s

    The ancient art of charcuterie (from the French for "cooked meat") once referred only to pork preparations, but today it is used to describe products that are made with all kinds of meat, fish and game. Written by a master chef and his protégé, this is the student, amateur or veteran cook's guide to the world of charcuterie—complete with illustrated coverage of techniques, equipment, sanitation and safety and ingredients. It provides preparation , curing, and smoking instructions for many different kinds of foodstuffs—from the simple and rustic to the elegant and exotic. This includes sausages, hams, bacon and game birds as well as various fish and meat patés. Professional Charcuterie is the best, most practical, and up-to-date guide to an enduring and constantly evolving culinary artform.

    Provides over 200 recipes
    Suggests guidelines for creating healthier products using fat-free oils and dry curing

    JOHN KINSELLA (Cincinnati, Ohio), one of fewer than 100 Certified Master Chefs in the U.S., teaches culinary arts at Cincinnati Technical College. Trained in London, he served his apprenticeship at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane. DAVID T. HARVEY (Cincinnati, Ohio) trained as a chef with Kinsella.

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