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    Fabulous Fondues: Appetizers, Main Courses and Desserts

    Kerner, Fred It's Fun to Fondue

    Published: October 1, 2000
    ISBN: 0806954892

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    Book Description
    From Booklist
    The fondue set has become an archetype of the wedding gift no one ever uses. Brides now have no excuse not to dust off that pot and get cooking. Fred Kerner shows the way with his Fabulous Fondues, a revision of a work that has seen several trips to the printer over the decades as fondue fever waxes and wanes. The original fondue, a blend of melted cheese and wine meant to be used for dunking bread cubes, has given way to dessert fondues where fruits and cake cubes receive a coating of melted chocolate. Fondue bourguignonne calls for meats and vegetables cooked at table in a communal pot of boiling oil. Kerner offers recipes for all these fondue varieties, and he shows how each can be modified creatively. Youngsters will savor Kerner's pizza fondue, and it can lead them on to adult tastes. Mark Knoblauch
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    About the Author
    The author lives in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.

    Book Description
    The fondue is a fun-do!\tNow surging back in popularity with new ingredients and new ideas, fondue pots are encouraging crowds to gather round and share this appetizing, satisfying meal. Whether you crave this Swiss classic in its traditional all-cheese version or with meat, seafood, or chocolate, the unique recipes in this updated bestseller will show you how to make the fondue you like. Let your imagination go and vary cheese fondues with sautéed celery, onions, sweet peppers, chervil, or sorrel. Try unusual "dunkables" in place of bread, such as bagels, small ravioli, or boiled potatoes. Make special fondues like the Chile Verde con Queso and use corn chips or tostados to dip. A "Mixed Grill" includes chicken, filet mignon, lamb, peppers, and bacon. Go Asian-style with a Fondue Japonaise. There's even a pepperoni pizza fondue! Taffy Apple Miniatures in heated butterscotch sauce make a fine end-of-dinner treat. Bonus: suggestions for post-dinner drinks.

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