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    Pure Ketchup: A History of America's National Condiment With Recipes

    Smith, Andrew F.

    Smithsonian Institution Press
    Published: April 2001
    ISBN: 1560989939

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    Book Description
    The marriage of food and pop culture has one of its better moments in Pure Ketchup by Andrew F. Smith. This history proves that a book larded with hundreds of footnotes can captivate. Smith's writing is lucid and clips along briskly from one astonishing fact to the next. Did you know that ketchup was so much the rage by the early 19th century that Lord Byron, Jane Austin and Charles Dickens all mention it in their work? Or that in 1915 over 800 brands of ketchup were sold in the state of Connecticut alone? Smith elucidates the cloudy origins of both the word ("ketchup" "catchup" "catsup") and the condiment. He documents the evolution of its commercial production in America. Enormous demand for ketchup and other tomato products, he explains, fueled the movement to rid it of adulterants and preservatives and was key to passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Bill in 1906. The 50 recipes Smith includes are all historical. Same may tempt you to try your hand despite their primitive instructions. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

    LA Times Magazine, June 10, 2001
    "Smith remains unabashedly evangelical about the much-loved and much-maligned sauce."

    Book Description
    For topping French fries or cottage cheese, K rations or school lunches, ketchup has long been an American favorite. In Pure Ketchup, Andrew F. Smith chronicles American milestones in ketchup history, including colonial adaptations of popular British mushrooms, anchovy, and walnut ketchups, the rise of tomato-based ketchup, the proliferation of commercial bottling after the Civil War, debates over preservatives, the resurgence of homemade and designer varieties, and a recent challenge from salsa. He also includes 110 historical recipes.

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