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    Cooking Books -> Sauces

    Joie Warner's No-Cook Pasta Sauces

    Warner, Joie
    Warner, Drew (Photographer)

    Chronicle Books
    ISBN: 0811817660

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    Book Description
    Keep the right pastas in your pantry, along with the other ingredients recommended by Joie Warner, plus a few items in the fridge, and you can always enjoy a heaping plate of pasta tossed with any of a variety of zesty sauces simply by boiling water to cook the pasta while you combine the ingredients for the topping. This is the promise Warner proves to perfection in 75 high-flavor ways. For example, she adds chopped tomatoes to a homemade Caesar salad dressing tossed with bow ties and tops linguine with Spicy Tomato Salsa.

    For sauces using meat, poultry, or seafood, she sometimes "cheats" a bit: in Tomato Sauce with Clams, you warm the sauce by placing it in a bowl set over the steaming pasta pot. And for Blue Cheese and Broccoli Sauce, you do cook the broccoli--by tossing it into the pot along with the pasta, but this is so efficient, who cares?

    Color photos, taken by Warner's husband, are so sunlit that the food on every page looks like a cheerful feast. --Dana Jacobi

    From Publishers Weekly
    There is no need to sweat over a hot stove, Warner (All the Best Pasta Sauces; All the Best Pizza) says, when you can prepare simple yet often elegant pasta sauces that don't require cooking. To demonstrate, she presents 75 simple, no-cook sauce recipes. These sauces actually "cook" (or heat up) when tossed with freshly made hot pasta, ensuring that the home cook is out of the kitchen pronto. Cooks who favor a Mediterranean flair with their pasta will gravitate to such sauces as Tomato Sauce... read more

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