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    Cooking Books -> Seafood

    Fish and Shellfish, Grilled and Smoked

    Adler, Karen
    Fertig, Judith M.

    Harvard Common Pr
    Published: April 2002
    ISBN: 1558321810

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    Book Description
    Fish, often bottom-billed in many barbecue and grilling cookbooks with a few token recipes, succeeds spectacularly as the star of the show in Fish & Shellfish, Grilled & Smoked. Authors Karen Adler and Judith M. Fertig--Kansas City foodies and members of an all-women barbecue team called the 'Que Queens--argue that fresh fish and shellfish are a healthier option to other traditional barbecue meats due to their low-fat, low-calorie qualities. There's also wonderful variety, as demonstrated by the 300 recipes--presented in a clean, eye-pleasing layout--that pack this book. Standouts, and there are many, include Cape Cod Blackfish ("mild-flavored yet firm and meaty"); Grilled Baby Squid, brushed with olive oil, garlic, and paprika; and North Woods Smoked Walleye, marinated in wheat beer and served over mixed greens. "Fish Tales," sidebars of fish facts and history that pop up throughout, are a nice touch. There's also a funny story about the authors' reluctance to include a smoked-eel recipe. ("First of all, you have to buy a live eel. That means 30 minutes with a live eel squirming in a plastic bag next to the driver.") In addition, for folks who have a hard time getting fresh fish locally, there's a handy list of fish purveyors. This is a terrific cookbook that would fit nicely on any griller's bookshelf. --Andy Boynton

    From Library Journal
    Adler (Best Little Grilling Cookbook) and Fertig (Prairie Home Cooking), coauthors of an earlier grilling and smoking cookbook, live in Kansas City, MO, which they describe as the "melting pot of barbecue." Here they offer dozens of recipes inspired by a wide range of cuisines, from Cider-Marinated Boston Bluefish to Grilled Seafood Paella to Smoked Asian Leaf-Wrapped Snapper. There's also a large section devoted to "Everything Else You Need": rubs and marinades, salsas and relishes, and side... read more

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