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    Cooking Books -> Seafood

    West Coast Seafood: The Complete Cookbook

    Harlow, Jay

    Sasquatch Books
    ISBN: 157061170X

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    Book Description
    Picture yourself standing before the fish monger's display case with the day's catch all nicely laid out on gleaming shaved ice, the price tags and labels in place, the fishmonger's retail smile intact. He's waiting, patiently, for you to make up your mind. Trouble is, you're shopping for a specific fish, and it's not for sale. So what do you do, fall back on old tried-and-true recipes for the seafood you recognize in the case? You can hear your family yawning, can't you?

    Fear not, lover of seafood. Jay Harlow has written West Coast Seafood: The Complete Cookbook. Tuck this sucker under your arm next time you head out the door and you will never again suffer seafood angst. Nor will you have to stand in front of the fish counter thumbing through a book like a damned fool. Harlow, you see, has organized West Coast Seafood by type of seafood, not according to where in a meal the dish will be served.

    And if that doesn't tell you that this guy knows what he's doing, then just dig in. Complete Cookbook falls short of the mark; Final Word comes closer. Because everything is here: all the information you need to select the best-quality seafood; instructions to clean and prep the seafood you bring home; and then a wide flavor range and cooking-style range to keep new and exciting dishes coming to the dinner table.

    The finned fish of fresh and salt water, both wild and farmed, are all here. Can't stand the idea of another grilled salmon steak? Try Kurt's Salmon with Oyster Stuffing. And if there are any leftovers, go straight to Salmon Cakes. How does Grilled Halibut with Roasted Garlic Marinade sound? Or Halibut Cooked with Poblano Chiles and Cream? Yes, there are Dungeness Crab Cakes in West Coast Seafood, but you will also find Stir-Fried Crab with Chiles and Ginger.

    There are no desserts. But Harlow does end his book with a selection of appropriate sauces as well as two essays on the future of fishing, and the place of aquaculture. Like the entire book, well worth reading. --Schuyler Ingle

    Los Angeles Times, Food Section, November 3, 1999
    "This one is almost guaranteed to wind up as well-thumbed and sauce-flecked as the last. West Coast Seafood takes an encyclopedic approach to the fish found in the Pacific. It walks you through varieties, giving specific types and Latin names. Then you get a good description of the fish and its habits and tips on shopping and seasonality. Finally there are recipes, including an appealing mix of Asian and Mediterranean influences that somehow are adventurous without ever straying over the line of... read more

    Book Description
    This is the new definitive seafood cookbook from writer and chef Jay Harlow. West Coast Seafood addresses the finfish and shellfish, ocean and fresh water catch available fresh from California to Alaska, with over 250 recipes, both basic and lavish.

    This important new cookbook introduces the up-to-the-minute selection of fresh fish and shellfish available on the West Coast and furnishes 250 wonderful recipes that bring out the most in albacore, spot prawns, black cod, salmon, rainbow trout, petrale sole, skate, oysters, and more. It includes color photographs.

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