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    The Ultimate Shrimp Book: More than 650 Recipes for Everyone's Favorite Seafood Prepared in Every Way Imaginable

    Weinstein, Bruce

    William Morrow
    Published: March 19, 2002
    ISBN: 0060934166

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    Book Description
    In the year 2000, Americans ate an astonishing 963 million pounds of shrimp. Bruce Weinstein's relatively slim Ultimate Shrimp Book presents 650 recipes for the titular seafood, from Shrimp à la King to XO Shrimp. Weinstein's approach is to offer "master recipes," such as those just given, followed by up to 10 "quick-take" variations for each. For example, the recipe for Shrimp Cakes is trailed by Florida-Style Shrimp Cakes, which adds lemon juice and zest; Herbed Shrimp Cakes, with parsley, thyme, and tarragon; and Louisiana-Style Shrimp Cakes, with Tabasco plus red or green pepper, and so on. Though many of the uncomplicated formulas are alluring, a number, particularly those featuring shrimp and cheese mixtures (such as a creamy dish with parmesan, blue cheese, fontina, and Asiago), have questionable appeal. However, readers will still find many worthwhile dishes to try, from old favorites, like Shrimp Rémoulade and Beer Batter Shrimp, to "newer" recipes, such as Shrimp Bengalese Stew and Szechwan Cold Garlic Shrimp. Crowd-pleasers like Shrimp Etouffée and Shrimp Paella are also covered, as are tasty shrimp snacks like Popcorn Shrimp, Shrimp Pizza, and Shrimp Tacos. With useful shrimp buying and preparation information and good notes on ingredients and equipment, the book is a handy guide to a much-loved American food. --Arthur Boehm

    From Publishers Weekly
    Having tackled candy, ice cream and party drinks in his three previous "Ultimate" collections, Weinstein now turns his attention to what he recognizes as the "world's most popular fresh seafood." This is a Swiss Army Knife of a book, packing at least a half-dozen cuisines and more than 650 recipes into about 250 pages. To come up with so many variations upon a single crustacean, Weinstein is not above taking some everyday foods and simply adding a handful of shrimp. Thus, there are Shrimp Pizza,... read more

    Book Description

    Savor the flavor of America's favorite seafood in The Ultimate Shrimp Book.

    Dive into this collection of more than 650 shrimp recipes. Whether you love shrimp fried, steamed, baked, broiled, or grilled, in mole sauce, cream sauce, cocktail sauce, peanut sauce, or garlic sauce, crispy, crunchy, tender, hot, or cold, you're about to fall in love with shrimp all over again. Rediscover the classics like shrimp rémoulade or go cutting edge with sweet and spicy black pepper caramel shrimp. Try shrimp twists on familiar international favorites like paprikash and vindaloo. And don't forget the crowd pleasers like shrimp nachos and popcorn shrimp. For a formal dinner, a quick family meal, or a tasty snack, The Ultimate Shrimp Book has the perfect shrimp recipe for every occasion.

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