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    The Sugar Addict's Diet

    Wise, S. J.

    Safe Goods
    Published: March 1, 2001
    ISBN: 0970111053

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    Book Description
    Dr. Howard Peiper, co-author of The ADD & ADHD Diet.
    Finally, a book that will help simplify the confusion on what foods are healthy for us...

    Suza Francina, Mayor of Ojai, CA
    ...Wise has written a personal, practical, user-friendly book to motivate cookie addicts to step into a happier, healthier, sugar-free lifestyle.

    Book Description
    A primer for the low sugar lifestyle. A path of healing, wellness, and weight loss. This book will help you get off the diet roller coaster forever! No more counting fat grams or calories. The delicious products listed you won't even feel deprived.

    The Sugar Addict's Diet will show you how to: Lose weight without counting calories or fat grams, treat medical conditions without drug, overcome mood swings and depression, increase brain power, energy, and athletic performance, look and feel you best without diet deprivation, never feel guilty about eating again.

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