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    Cooking Books -> Stews

    Stews: 200 Earthy, Delicious Recipes

    Holst, Jenna

    Hungry Minds, Inc
    Published: September 14, 1998
    ISBN: 0028618483

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    Book Description
    Jenna Holst is persuasive about the virtues of stews. She points out that they take little effort to prepare and need little tending once the ingredients are in the pot. Their flavor improves when they are reheated, whether you warm a batch of frozen Creamy Dijon Tarragon Chicken in the oven or slip a container of Meatless Spicy Red Beans into the microwave at work. To ensure that you enjoy the stews you make, Holst explains the best methods for reheating them, as well as advising on the best pots to cook them in. She also encourages taking a relaxed approach to her recipes, so you enjoy cooking as well as consuming the results.

    Holst casts such a wide net in assembling her highly flavored, mostly ethnic recipes that you are almost certain to discover new ideas in this globe-circling collection. Cape Town Mayfrew, chicken spiced with ginger, curry powder, and fennel seeds; Mediterranean Lamb Stew with Lentils, flavored with red wine and thyme; and BBQ Pork, boldly reinforced with coffee and molasses, give an idea of the range of choices in Stews. There is a good selection of vegetable- and-legume-based recipes, and an unexpected variety of poultry stews, from African Chicken Peanut Stew to Mexican Turkey Mole, which can be made with leftover cooked turkey. Add Onion Flat Bread, a desert of pineapple gently stewed in coconut milk, or other accompaniments for which Holst provides recipes, and you can turn any stew in this book into a complete meal. --Dana Jacobi

    A collection of stew recipes that are healthy, simple and satisfying.

    Book Description
    Stews are one-pot wonders for anyone in search of a satisfying meal. Here is the best collection of healthy, simple and delicious stew recipes. This book also brings together marvellous stews with recipes for accompaniments--breads, salads and dessert fruit stews--as well as easy-to-follow menu suggestions.Everyone knows that stew is the perfect winter fare, but now Jenna Holst will have you craving this satisfying food year-round. Recipes run the gamut from hearty favorites Kentucky Burgoo and Flemish Farmer's Carbonades to lighter dishes such as Trout with Rice Wine and Vegetable Julienne and Indonesian Peanut Pork. The recipes reflect a variety of influences from American, European, Indian, African and Indonesian cooking. An ideal food for modern kitchens, stews are easy to make and store well for reheating and freezing. Best of all, they are satisfying like nothing else.

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