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    Amazing Soy : A Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking This Nutritional Powerhouse With 240 Recipes

    Jacobi, Dana

    William Morrow
    Published: August 2001
    ISBN: 006093381X

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    Book Description
    From Publishers Weekly
    The FDA has announced that consuming 25 grams of soy daily may lower blood cholesterol, and other authorities claim that soy reduces the risks of breast and prostate cancer and osteoporosis, and can alleviate menopausal symptoms. Meanwhile, Jacobi, a spokeswoman for the United Soybean Board and Vitasoy USA, admits, "Soy foods vary noticeably, both in taste and in texture, from one brand to another" and "Soy cheese is another touchy question." Jacobi (The Best of Clay Pot Cooking) helps cooks navigate the array of soy flours, soy filets, tofu, edamame (soybeans in the shell) and soy dairy-replacements now available. The most useful sections are "Sources and Ingredients" and "Techniques," which cover everything from soy nuts to how to press and freeze tofu. Meat lovers with high cholesterol can find solace in California "Bacon" and Avocado Wrap, but may be perplexed by White Pizza with Prosciutto, which uses real prosciutto. Vegetarians will enjoy the easy Jamaican Cook-Up with Black Soybeans and Greens, but those watching their fat intake will need to avoid the coconut milk that gives it flavor. Laotian Lemon "Pork" with Green Beans and Smoked Tempeh Pate with Walnuts will expand a vegan's repertoire if said vegan can overlook the many other dishes using eggs and animal products. Recipes, while reliable, won't astound with their flavor, and the "hidden pill" approach is favored in Curried Butternut Squash Soup and Edamole. But all that soy can't hurt, and companies "keep working to improve products."

    Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

    From Library Journal
    Jacobi (The Joy of Soy) is an expert on cooking with tofu, tempeh, and all the other soy products that are increasingly popular and available today. She begins with a discussion of health benefits (the American Heart Association, for example, recommends making soy protein part of a daily diet to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease), then moves on to a guide to soy foods from edamame (the fresh soybeans served as a snack at sushi bars) to yogurt and soymilk to tofu and its... read more

    Book Description

    Dana Jacobi, the undisputed "Queen of Soy," revolutionizes the art of cooking with soy -- the amazing, versatile power food.

    This definitive cookbook on soy includes

    240 great-tasting recipes for every occasion and eating style, including instant break-fasts, energy-boosting snacks, working lunches, elegant entertaining dishes, authentic Asian meals, and luscious desserts
    A comprehensive guide of soyfoods -- from familiar foods like tofu to lesser-known ingredients such as soymeat, soy cheese, miso, tempeh, and much more -- with helpful tips on how to buy, prepare, and cook with 36 of them
    Nutritional information for each recipe
    A directory of more than 105 soyfood companies with their websites and mail-order addresses.

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