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    The New Cooking of Britain and Ireland: A Culinary Journey in Search of Regional Foods and Innovative Chefs

    Hyman, Gwenda L.

    John Wiley and Sons
    Published: April 14, 1995
    ISBN: 0471012793

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    Book Description
    The publisher, John Wiley and Sons
    The word is out! There is great cooking and wonderful eating to be had in the British Isles. Hyman introduces readers to the best of the regional comfort foods and puddings. Profiles approximately 60 young chefs who are creating virtuoso variations using native ingredients and traditional themes. Includes 200 recipes and a list of restaurants by regions.

    From the Back Cover
    The word is out: There is great food to be enjoyed in Britain and Ireland. A new generation of creative and impeccably trained young chefs has turned its attention to the isles' rich culinary heritage, experimenting with traditional recipes and regional foods. From the humble country pub to stately hotel restaurants, a cooking renaissance is flourishing. This new cuisine combines rich culinary influences from all over the world with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal foods--homegrown fruits and vegetables, farmhouse cheeses, the choicest meats, and an abundance of locally grown herbs, edible flowers, and wild mushrooms.

    With 200 recipes--including both traditional dishes and contemporary innovations--this is an excellent cookbook for anyone desiring to re-create the best of British and Irish cooking in his or her own home. Author Gwenda L. Hyman presents a region-by-region guide, showcasing nearly 60 of the finest chefs and the restaurants in which they are creating a new culinary tradition. And with this book, the traveler to Britain and Ireland will know where to find a hearty breakfast of Scotch pancakes and exquisitely smoked kippers; a tea with fresh-baked scones and miniature sandwiches of cucumber, cress, chopped egg, and smoked salmon; or a perfect Sunday roast complete with Yorkshire pudding.

    "Gwenda Hyman's book will give you a taste of what we have to offer. It is a sumptuous feast of heritage trail and gastronomic journey. There can be no better way to enjoy the new cooking of Britain and Ireland."--From the Foreword by Kit Chapman, M.B.E., Author of Great British Chefs Proprietor of the Michelin-starred Castle Hotel, Taunton

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