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    Books: Cooking by Cuisine -> Cooking British

    The Two Fat Ladies Ride Again

    Paterson, Jennifer
    Wright, Clarissa Dickson
    Wright, Clarissa Dickson

    Clarkson Potter
    Published: October 13, 1998
    ISBN: 0609603795

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    Book Description
    Streets are shaking and buildings are trembling! This can mean only one thing: the two fat ladies, those disciples of all foods good and forbidden, have returned! No thin stomach is safe from the pleasures of Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright's 130 titillating new recipes. Even the names ooze joy, wonderment, and yearning--Mrs. Anne Bearley's Rhubarb Whim Wham and Fried Eggs on Puffball Mushrooms, to name but two of these delectable dishes. As in the style of the fat ladies' previous (and wondrous) creation, Cooking with the Two Fat Ladies, witty anecdotes and a uniquely British brand of humor make The Two Fat Ladies Ride Again much more than just a list of recipes. When speaking of pudding (that's dessert to any nonroyal subject), Clarissa writes, "A pudding should be unequivocally a pudding ... at your next dinner party, try serving two puddings, one in my style with cream and meringue and delicious things, and one soi-disant healthy variety, and see which you are left with to carry back to the kitchen." How right she is--foods ooze with richness and high taste. Rigo Jancis Chocolate Slices require not only bittersweet chocolate, but also cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, and heavy, stiffly whipped cream. There are no low-fat yogurt substitutes here!

    Recipes are neatly and simply categorized as appetizers, main dishes, puddings, and picnic foods--divinely illustrated with full-color photographs. Also included are chapters on the three best times of the day--breakfast time, teatime, and cocktail hour! Meat, game, and fish feature heavily--Beef with Chestnuts, Pears, and Almonds is a particularly succulent Catalonian dish, combining a tasty, tangy fresh sauce to accompany roast beef or steak. These beautiful creations do require a degree of cooking experience, and cannot be whipped up in the microwave. But the rewards are high--delicious, pleasing foods that will nurture the soul. --Naomi Gesinger

    Product Description:
    They're eccentric, they're outspoken--and they're back, ready for more delicious adventures! Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, stars of Food Network's and PBS's hit series The Two Fat Ladies, once again take to their motorcycle and sidecar and serve up rich, delectable dishes in the tradition of their first book, Cooking with the Two Fat Ladies.

    Their irreverent wit and pure, old-fashioned enjoyment of food has won them a devoted audience on both sides of the Atlantic. But they are much more than entertainers, as The Two Fat Ladies Ride Again reaffirms. Packed with more than 120 recipes, from Light Dishes, Starters, and Savories to Picnics, Ride Again rises to the standard set by the Ladies' best-selling first collection.

    Breakfast has never been so lavish as with their Aniseed Waffles, Bread and Butter Pudding, and Red Flannel Hash. Feast on Devilled Fish Sandwiches and Scottish Seed Cake, then wash it all down with a Royal Bombay Yacht Club Cocktail ("As drunk by the very drunk at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club"). The Ladies laugh in the face of the fat-fearing fanatic and are proud to share such decadent gems as Spare Ribs and Whisky Chocolate Pie.

    Sprinkled throughout are whimsical personal anecdotes and snapshots of the Ladies, inviting all to experience their world of devilish fun and feast. Dickson Wright and Paterson eat and live indulgently and encourage others to do the same, giving readers license to partake in their full-flavored food--and enjoy every delicious moment.

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