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    Steven Raichlen's Healthy Latin Cooking: 200 Sizzling Recipes from Mexico, Cuba, Caribbean, Brazil, and Beyond

    Raichlen, Steven

    Rodale Press
    Published: October 1, 1998
    ISBN: 0875964974

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    Book Description
    Steven Raichlen brings the best of his culinary world to Healthy Latin Cooking: he absolutely loves Latin flavors, from Mexico to Argentina, from Cuba to Puerto Rico, and he is dedicated to a healthy diet that's low in fat yet high in flavor. (His High-Flavor, Low-Fat Cooking series is a must, as is his Miami Spice.)

    Raichlen doesn't just drop the unwary cook into chapters of recipes that have been altered to reduce fat and salt and all the other nastiness. He begins with all the reasons for doing just that, and the many ways in which the true Latin diet is perfectly suited to a healthy pyramid approach. Nor does he shy away from truth, beauty, and justice, stating categorically that there are some dishes where lard just can't be left out of the flavor profile. He goes on, however, to show the reader how to cut way back on the total amount of lard used while retaining its great flavor.

    Chapters are divided by kinds of food--appetizers, soups, salads, beans, and rice--not by place of origin. So it's kind of a Latin adventure to flip through this book, never knowing where you are going to land. There are Little Pots of Red Beans with Sour Cream from Nicaragua (140 calories per serving), Chicken and Vegetable Stew from Colombia (374 calories), Tamales from Mexico and from Cuba (163 versus 120 calories), Seafood Stew from Brazil (345 calories), Stuffed Pot Roast from Puerto Rico (533 calories), and flan from everywhere (423 calories). Steven Raichlen gives the reader a great way to spice up a diet, and a great diet to help life last a long, pleasurable time. --Schuyler Ingle

    Product Description:
    Latin American food is famous for its vibrant colors and explosive flavors, and Americans have a passion for salsa, tortillas, and tacos. However, we also tend to prepare these foods with large amounts of lard, salt, and deep-fat frying. Steven Raichlen, master of delicious, low-fat Latin cooking, has taken 200 traditional Latin recipes and removed the fat-but not the fun!Celebrate your own fiesta with the savory spices of Raichlen's more than 200 tempting recipes. From guacamole to Mexican hot chocolate, Raichlen blends his thorough knowledge of Latin America's diverse cuisine with his time-tested skill in healthy cooking.

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