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    Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian Cuisine

    Hwang, Christina Sjahir
    Publishing, Wei-Chuan

    Wei-Chuan Pub.
    Published: September 1, 2002
    ISBN: 094167682X

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    Book Description
    From the Publisher
    Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian Cuisine, Wei-Chuanand#161;and#166;s latest title in International Cuisine series, includes 68 authentic and delicious recipes from Southeast Asia. All the procedures and steps for cooking are presented in a clear and concise manner. The bilingual translation provides for a broad community of interest. Following popularity of and#161;and#167;Chinese Cooking Made Easyand#161;and#168;, and#161;and#167;Thai Cooking Made Easyand#161;and#168;, and#161;and#167;Mexican Cooking Made Easyand#161;and#168;, and#161;and#167;Vietnamese Cuisineand#161;and#168;, and#161;and#167;Korean Cuisineand#161;and#168;, and#161;and#167;Japanese Cuisineand#161;and#168; and and#161;and#167;Indian Cuisineand#161;and#168;, this is another exciting trustworthy addition to Wei-Chuan and#161;and#165;s International Cuisine series. It is sure to become another and#161;and#167;must-haveand#161;and#168; for those whoand#161;and#166;s palate demands the intoxicating hot and spicy flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine.

    Product Description:
    Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are located in Southeast Asia. Because of the rich mix of cultures, ethnic groups, and religions, the cuisine of those three countries are greatly influenced by each other as well as such neighboring cultures as China and India. these distinctly diverse blends of culinary characteristics from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia represent the cultural interchange of the region and#161;V a true crossroads of Asia.

    The dishes of SINGAPORE combine spices and cuisine from all over Asia. Hainan Chicken and Rice (Nasi Ayam), Noodles in Spicy Coconut Milk Soup (Laksa Lemak), and Spiced Sparerib Soup (Bak Kut Teh) are Singaporeand#161;and#166;s most popular dishes. MALAYSIAN cuisine combines the delicacy of Chinese food with Indian spices and regional herbs; famous dishes include Penang Noodle Soup (Penang Laksa), Lacy Pancakes (Roti Jala) and Beef Sate (Sate Daging). INDONESIAN food is known for its unique and exceptional spicy aromas and flavored dishes such as Sticky Yellow Rice (Nasi Kunjit) with Spicy Chicken Braised in Coconut Milk (Rendang Ayam), Batavia Beef Soup with Glass Noodles (Soto Betawi) and Balinese Fried Fish (Ikan Bumbu Bali). Rarely indeed, has a cookbook come along that combines within one cookbook cover, the tantalizing cuisine from these three cultures so well.

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    Cooking Chinese cuisine
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