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    Eating Korean : From Barbecue to Kimchi, Recipes from My Home

    Lee, Cecilia Hae-Jin

    John Wiley and Sons
    Published: January 10, 2005
    ISBN: 0764540785

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    Book Description
    From the Inside Flap
    From aromatic hot pots to piquant kimchi (pickled cabbage) to classic bibim bap (rice bowls), Korean cuisine's exhilarating harmony of robust flavors, colors, and textures spices up any meal. And though Korean is an increasingly popular dining-out option, few people venture to explore the peninsula's rich culinary arts at home. In Eating Korean, Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee invites us into her family kitchen to reveal the secrets-and the surprising simplicity-of the "other" Asian cuisine.

    This warm, evocative celebration of Korean food features more than 100 authentic recipes alongside fascinating historical morsels and personal remembrances. Lee's passion for the foods of her native land is rendered vividly in reminiscences-of early morning mountain hikes followed by soothing chicken soup with rice, or the cozy hum of activity in her mother's kitchen before a celebration-that bring Korean cuisine richly to life.

    These enchanting narratives are the perfect prelude to the dishes themselves: the fragrant medley of Seafood Hot Pot, the intensely spiced Fire Meat, the scrumptious nuttiness of Sweet Spiced Rice, and a host of others. The dishes here cover all parts of the Korean menu-rice specialties; soups and hot pots; seafood, meat, and poultry dishes; desserts and snacks; side dishes; and more.

    Eating Korean reveals how delightfully easy Korean dishes can be to prepare at home. Many hot pots and soups, for instance, can be on the table in less than half an hour of cooking time. Spicy, flavor-rich marinades, made with just a handful of ingredients, offer deliciously simple alternatives for barbecuing chicken, beef, and ribs. Quick, trouble-free preparations make the dishes in these pages ideal for any meal, from family dinner to holiday feast. The fact that Korean ranks among the world's healthiest cuisines makes it even more enticing-and not just for special occasions.

    Lee also offers illuminating insight into Korean eating traditions-etiquette, essential foods, and key ingredients. A full chapter is devoted to the customs and foods of holidays and celebrations, including New Year, Harvest Festival, birthdays, and weddings. The book's 65 photographs and illustrations-of Korea's food markets and countryside, its bountiful tables and traditional celebrations-round out this captivating portrait.

    In its beguiling presentation of a cuisine and culture that are at once wonderfully exotic and remarkably accessible, Eating Korean inspires us to explore the eye-catching, mouthwatering delights of the Korean table in our own kitchens.

    Product Description:
    Experience the savory secrets of the "other" Asian cuisine

    In Eating Korean, the gifted food writer and award-winning chef Cecilia Hae Jin-Lee invites us to join her in discovering the unique cuisine and culture of her native land. Pairing delectable, authentic recipes with personal recollections and details on Korean traditions, Eating Korean offers an accessible and tempting introduction to the fresh and flavorful world of Korean cooking.

    "Cecilia's stories remind me of my childhood. You can picture everyday Korean life while reading this book. The recipes keep Korean traditions well, yet are easy to follow. This is the best Korean cookbook published in English."
    -Sejung Kim, Media/PR Manager, Korean Cultural Center

    "Eating Korean contains not just recipes, but charming sketches of Korean life that bring this delicious, healthful cuisine to life. The recipes are so clear and simple, I'll use them often."
    -Barbara Hansen, and James Beard Award-winning author

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