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    Chinese Cuisine: Beijing Style

    Lin, Lee Hwa
    Publishing, Wei-Chuan

    Wei-Chuan Pub.
    Published: February 1, 2001
    ISBN: 094167679X

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    Book Description
    From the Publisher
    Wei-Chuan Cultural and Educational Foundation is proud to present the 5th cookbook in its very popular series, "Chinese Regional Cuisine." Beijing cuisine possesses an "imperial flair" and is generally referred to as "Northern cuisine." However, the ingredients used are common and easy to get -- consisting mainly of fowl, domestic animals and local produce. Very often a combination of different seasonings is used in a single dish to nurture special tastes. Beijing cuisine is known to have been influenced by its ancient historical and political cultures of the region; from the Han, Manchurian, and Mongolian, to the Moslem tribes.

    With the assistance of the Wei-Chuan Cooking School, we have brought together 80 recipes for those who are interested in discovering the uniqueness of Beijing style cooking.

    Product Description:
    How is Beijing cuisine different from Szechwan, Shanghai, Cantonese, or Taiwanese cuisines? Did you know that the famous "Peking Duck" originated in the 1850's? You can find out in this delightful addition to Wei-Chuan's "Chinese Regional Cuisine" series which brought together in one volume the unique tastes and flavors of Northern China.

    Through the course of seven hundred years, Beijing was the capital of the Liao, Kin, Yuan, Ming, and Ching dynasties. The diverse flavors owe their uniqueness to the cultural influences of the conquering Han, Manchurian, Mongolian and Moslem people. Being the ancient capital and cultural center, Beijing cuisine has integrated the essence of the imperial court banquets and Northern tribal dishes. These combinations of various seasonings and ways of cooking; quick stir-frying, roasting, stewing, produces the distinctly unique flavors and one of the most favored of Chinese regional cuisines.

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    Cooking Chinese cuisine
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