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    The Chinese Chicken Cookbook : 100 Easy-to-Prepare, Authentic Recipes for the American Table

    Lo, Eileen Yin-Fei
    Wong, San Yan (Illustrator)

    Simon and Schuster
    Published: February 2, 2004
    ISBN: 0743233417

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    Book Description
    From Booklist
    Chinese cooking continues to appeal to health-conscious Americans for its freshness and variety. Eileen Yin-Fei Lo's The Chinese Chicken Cookbook shows in 100 recipes how to use chicken as a basis for a variety of tastes and textures. Simple congee of rice and broth produces a Chinese version of comforting chicken soup. Lo's Mu Shu Chicken requires a complex variety of ingredients, such as dried tiger lily stems and cloud ear, to stuff into homemade pancakes. Special chicken-stuffed dumplings need the cook's dexterity to turn out as lovely as they do in restaurants. The book's final recipe, Mah Jongg Chicken, transforms a large roasting chicken into three individual dishes meant to form a single meal: spiced steamed chicken, a soup, and a stir-fry. Mark Knoblauch
    Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

    Product Description:

    In China the chicken represents the phoenix, the mythological bird that rose from its ashes and that symbolizes rebirth and reaffirmation. Because of this deeply held belief, chicken is served at every New Year celebration, every wedding feast, and every birthday dinner. The chicken is honored for its eggs, its meat, and the flavor it provides for stocks and broths. Because of the reverence for this bird, the Chinese prepare chicken in myriad ways. Chicken is steamed, baked, boiled, stir-fried, deep-fried, pan-fried, and roasted. It is served hot, cold, or at room temperature. No part of the chicken is wasted from its bones to its skin to its feet, a Chinese delicacy.

    Now, renowned Chinese cooking expert Eileen Yin-Fei Lo, who has been called "the Marcella Hazan of Chinese cooking" by The New York Times, brings her love of Chinese cooking and traditional Chinese chicken recipes to American home cooks in The Chinese Chicken Cookbook.

    The Chinese Chicken Cookbook brings together more than one hundred of the best traditional and modern chicken recipes of China from simple stir-fries to more elaborate celebration dishes. In chapters that pair chicken with noodles and rice and in chapters on soup, preparing chicken in the wok, and cooking it whole, readers will find dozens of delicious, easy-to-prepare delicacies. Recipes such as Two-Sesame Chicken, Hot and Sour Soup, Ginger Noodles with Chicken, Chicken Water Dumplings, Chicken Stir-Fried with Broccoli, Mu Shu Chicken with Bok Bang, Mah-Jongg Chicken, and Asparagus Wrapped in Minced Chicken offer new and flavorful ways to prepare chicken whether you're making a quick weeknight meal or having dinner guests on a Saturday night.

    Although these recipes use ingredients that home chefs can find in the international section of a well-stocked supermarket or on the Internet, Lo includes the Chinese names for ingredients and recipes, rendered in beautiful Chinese calligraphic characters. Not only decorative, these characters can help you locate unfamiliar ingredients in a Chinese market. The Chinese Chicken Cookbook also has sections on how to select and clean a chicken, a detailed explanation of Chinese ingredients, suggested equipment (including how to properly season a wok), and how to cook a perfect pot of rice.

    With wonderful family stories from the author's childhood in China, The Chinese Chicken Cookbook is not just a cookbook for your cookbook library, it is a source of culinary inspiration.

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