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    Ducasse Flavors of France

    Ducasse, Alain
    Dannenberg, Linda
    Houssenot, Pierre (Photographer)

    Published: November 1, 1998
    ISBN: 1579651070

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    Book Description
    Ducasse is a book you'll want to leave out on a coffee table. It is more than beautiful--left open, it has the power to transform the nature of a room with its exquisite photographs and recipes, which are as good to read as they are to cook from. Taken into the kitchen, the power is inherent in Ducasse to transform any meal well beyond the exemplary. But then there's the danger that a spill or greasy fingers might soil the pages, which would be tragic. And yet, this is not just another pretty book, something to thumb through and shrug off. This is a book to take to heart, starting with the first recipe--Fennel "Marmalade"--and then on to Cocotte of Young Spring Vegetables, Spiny Lobster with a Rhubarb-Ginger Chardonnay Sauce, and Chicken Fricassee with Morels, and so on, and so on, until you end up with Coffee and Chocolate Parfait with Dark Chocolate Sauce. Alain Ducasse is the only chef with six Michelin stars to his credit. In his kitchens and in his book he uses the best possible ingredients, treating each and every one with deserved respect. Recipes have been tried and tested to ensure perfection, and--reassuringly--dishes work well in the home kitchen. Ducasse is a wonderful teacher, and every page is filled with rich descriptions of flavor, color, texture, and aroma. Like so much about Alain Ducasse, it is a picture of food that defies language. You will recognize it, though, turning these gorgeous pages, plotting the next dish you choose to master. The opportunity exists with Ducasse to gain a new kind of fluency. --Schuyler Ingle

    Product Description:
    The most anticipated and important French cookbook in many years, Ducasse Flavors of France is a new classic.

    Brash, driven, and dazzlingly inventive, Alain Ducasse is a larger-than-life figure. At thirty-three, he was the youngest chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, and in March 1998, he became the first ever chef in over sixty years to earn three stars in two restaurants simultaneously. In his long-awaited American cookbook debut, M. Ducasse shares the principles and techniques of a uniqely elemental cuisine that are changing the face of traditional French cooking.

    Ducasse Flavors of France follows the chef from his state-of the-art kitchens at the Louis XV in Monte Carlo and Alain Ducasse in Paris to his countryside auberge in Moustiers and documents, in one hundred lavishly photographed recipes, the influences--Mediterranean, Provental, and classic French--that permeate his cuisine.

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