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    Books: Cooking by Cuisine -> Cooking French

    Saveur Cooks Authentic French

    Magazine, Editors of Saveur

    Chronicle Books
    Published: December 1, 1999
    ISBN: 0811825647

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    Book Description
    Culinary fads come and go, but the classic dishes of French cooking are, with any luck, forever. From coq au vin and bouillabaisse to cassoulet and boeuf Bourguignonne, these wonderful plates form the backbone of a great cuisine--perhaps the world's greatest. Saveur Cooks Authentic French, compiled by the editors of the eponymous food magazine, offers vivid testament, in words and pictures, to this huge achievement and the traditions that define it. Even cooks who think they've seen enough of these recipes will welcome the Saveur collection, which provides particularly good examples. Those just beginning to discover French cooking will want the book for its approachable, well-edited selection.

    Arranged by courses or food types, from hors d'oeuvres through desserts, the book presents 125 authentic regional recipes. In addition to the above-mentioned dishes, readers will find recipes for other beloved standards, such as soupe a l'oignon gratinée, confit de canard, and soufflé au chocolat; they'll also discover superb less-familiar dishes including cotriade (Breton seafood in broth), volaille fermière au vinaigre (farmhouse vinegar chicken from Alsace) and épaule d'agneau à la Catalane (Catalan-style shoulder of lamb). A chapter devoted to foie gras, frogs' legs, snails, and truffles is a particular pleasure, and will inspire readers to produce (with a cooperative pocketbook) such delights as seared foie gras with green grapes. With informative sidebars that place the dishes in context and more than 400 color photos, the book is a complete evocation of its rich subject as well as a working kitchen companion. --Arthur Boehm

    Product Description:
    Saveur Cooks Authentic French is the triumphant follow-up to the highly acclaimed Saveur Cooks Authentic American. After years of so-called fusion food, tastes have come back to the pure and classic-and nothing exemplifies this trend better than the renewed interest in traditional French cuisine. From their very first issue, the editors at Saveur magazine have shared their passion for French food and wine, describing the vivid immediacy of real French cooking in loving detail. Now they take readers off the beaten track and into the kitchens of France to taste the true Mediterranean flavors of Provence, sample the unique farmhouse cooking of Brittany, savor the sumptuous cuisines of Alsace and Burgundy, and discover many more inspiring regional cuisines. Whether interviewing a cheesemaker or accompanying a truffle hunter on his secret rounds, Saveur's editors capture the authentic essence of French food and culture. Featuring award-winning food writing and stunning color photography, Saveur Cooks Authentic French is an unforgettable tour through the abundant culinary glories of France.

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