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    Books: Cooking by Cuisine -> Cooking French

    France the Beautiful Cookbook

    Scotto, Sisters

    Beautiful Cookbooks
    Published: October 18, 1989
    ISBN: 0002154129

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    Book Description
    From Publishers Weekly
    Though at first glance too luscious for the pots, pans and grease stains of the kitchen, this opulently illustrated oversize volume--travel book as much as recipe collection--can function there admirably, seducing the hungry and the restless. The latest in the publisher's series of regional cookbooks (others on Italy, China and Asia have preceded it), it will keep readers turning pages even if they never pick up a saucepan. Chapters alternate between discussing the different regions of France and offering a good selection of traditional recipes. French-born authors and cooks Marianne Comolli, Elisabeth Scotto and Michele Carles reflect on the history and geography of France with appetizers from Provence, entrees from Lyonnais and desserts from Anjou. This is hearty, not haute , cuisine: well-organized recipes are scaled for the average cook, who won't have to go in search of rare ingredients or spend hours chopping and mincing. Les soeurs Scotto make use of blenders and food processors when needed.
    Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Product Description:

    A bounty of more than 240 recipes from the regions of France reveal the rich and varied produce of the world'srenowned center of gastronomy. France the Beautiful Cookbook gives a rare insight into the less -publicized side of French cooking: a cuisine which has been passed down through families by word or mouth. This home cuisine, so rich in history and tradition -- and so delicious - simmers and bubbles on family stoves and in country inns throughout each region.

    France the Beautiful Cookbook takes the reader from the countryside to the table. It explains the vital link between each region's history , geography and culina traditions, story, people who make the food so unique. Without the abundance of oysters, withoutcassoulet withouthochepot, without the bourride without the wines and beers that go with them, France would not be France.

    Specially commissioned photographs graphically convey the diversity and beauty of France's terrain: the craggy hills of the south, the coastal fishing villages along the western coast, the lush pastures of the Loire, the colorful Mediterranean, and the alpine regions and volcanic plateaus of the center.

    The recipes are recorded in this beautiful book by the Scotto Sisters - food writers Marianne Comolli, Elisabeth Scotto and Michéle Carles -- who grew up in Paris, spending the summers of their childhood in the French countryside. Each Cookbook is the story of an ancient treasure trove of French regional gastronony eloquently narrated by Author Pludlowski and superbly captured in color by photographers Pierre Hussenot and Leo Meier.

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    Cooking French cuisine
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